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Uncovering Secret Wounds - Jameka Turner

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Healing is for you! It's God's desire for you to be healed and free from the wounds in your soul. Far too many are living wounded and bound due to the issues of life. Past hurts, disappointments, failures, and traumas hinder many from embracing the abundant life that Jesus died for us to live. Uncovering these secret wounds opens the door to healing and freedom. When we uncover our secret wounds, we, in essence, pull the bandages off, so that the light of God's love can heal our wounds properly. He is willing and able to set us free from hurts and past traumas with His unfailing love. Healing is a lifelong journey. In this book, the author shares her story to give readers an example of how soul wounds are created and how to uncover potential wounds in your soul. How you can find purpose for your pain so that you can move from surviving to thriving in life.