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Unafraid - Crystal Jones

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UNAFRAID is the conduit to fearlessness. There will always be troublesome situations and circumstances to confront. However, a victorious life awaits us on the other side of fear. The secret is to move forward even while fear is present. "Fearlessness is more of an attitude than an emotion. One can actually be fearless while feeling fear."

In UNAFRAID, Crystal helps the reader to confront and attack fear when it rears its ugly head. She gives practical tips to help the reader approach life in bold confidence. 

Crystal Jones is a loving wife of 33 years, an adoring mom, and doting grandmother. She is an international speaker and has been featured on several television and radio broadcasts. She has authored and co-authored over 17 books. Crystal co-leads several ministries with her husband, Oscar Jones, including Marriage for a Lifetime Ministries. She is also the founder of Fearless Women's Conferences, hosted around the country. She resides with the love of her life in the Atlanta, GA area.