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Two are Better: 30 Days to a Healthier Marriage Couples Devotional by Ron and LaShun Franklin

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Immerse yourselves for 30 days in a powerful blend of wisdom, humor, love and practical insights as this dynamic duo, share how to get back to the ‘We’. Prioritizing your marriage 10-20 minutes a day with this devotional could be the answer to your prayers and the legacy of your family.

In this devotional, you will be challenged daily to move closer to God and your spouse, almost simultaneously, while putting in the work and reaping the reward together.

Ron and LaShun Franklin are the renowned founders of Marriage Boot Camp “Marriage Ain’t for Wimps”! They uniquely blend their Biblical wisdom and over decades of counseling, coaching and life experiences into 30 bite-sized nuggets that will help transform your relationship.

Discover the secrets to a resilient and fulfilling relationship by making each day A testament to the belief that indeed, “Two are Better” than one. Elevate, reformulate and participate in your love story!