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The Revelation of Jesus Christ The End Times by Tiffany Root and Kirk VandeGuchte

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A unique and powerful read, The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the End Times will give you a new perspective on what the end of the age, the end of time, and the church Jesus is building will look like. With a clear focus on Jesus Christ, Tiffany Root and Kirk VandeGuchte explore the book of Revelation and other end times prophecies through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

As Apostle and Prophet over Seeking the Glory of God Ministries Tiffany and Kirk are spearheading the end times church into the house church movement as they train up fivefold ministers, teach about house churches, and bring Holy Spirit inspired doctrine to the church. Teaching others to only live by revelation of Jesus Christ, Tiffany and Kirk bring that same way of following the Holy Spirit into their newest book.

Other books in print include the devotional books Walking With God and Picking Up the Pace. These two books are currently used as doctrine in many house churches in the nations of the world. Also in print is For God So Loved the World, How Loud Can a Dragonfly Roar?, Panda Trouble, and Penguins in the Antarctic.

Tiffany and Kirk release regular prophetic words on their Seeking the Glory of God channels on Rumble and YouTube. They also do a daily devotional video which can be found at SGGM Devotionals on both Rumble and YouTube.
For more information, please visit: www.seekingthegloryofgod.comThe author, Joseph Harris makes his case to both unbelievers and believers. He hopes that believers will take up the task to spread the gospel all over the world and the unbelievers would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior over their lives. This persuasive work extends an offer for transformation and a new life. It's his push to see many become true as servants of Almighty - God.