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Picking Up the Pace One Year Devotional - Tiffany Root & Kirk VanDeguchte

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What is revelation? How should we view the Bible? What is true discipleship? Are you blessed or cursed? What does God really say about money? Is Jesus truly pre-eminent in everything? How do I know what my dreams mean? What’s the big deal about house churches? Are we living in the end times? Discover the answers to these and many more topics in Picking Up the Pace One Year Devotional.

As a sequel to Walking With God One Year Devotional, Picking Up the Pace takes you deeper into intimacy with God. You will be picking up the pace in your walk with the LORD as you gain revelation from 365 days worth of devotionals. Each topic has been inspired by the Holy Spirit and will bring you into understanding of the deep things of God. Tables of contents and index included for ease of reference. Topics include: Healing & Deliverance,Religion, Revelation, Discipleship, The Bible, God is Good, Blessings & Curses, The Preeminence of Christ, The Divinity of Christ, Salvation & Judgment, Prophecy, Money, Love, Dreams, House Church Topics, End Times, Religious Terms