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Penguins in the Antarctic - Tiffany Root

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Dragonflies in Antarctica? That's right! Join the Association of Insect Researchers as they take a journey to the coldest continent on the planet. Children young and old desire adventure and understanding of their world. Penguins in the Antarctic delivers both. This third book in the series of the Association of Insect Researchers (AIR), takes three dragonflies on a journey to Antarctica, where they have to figure out why the emperor penguins are disappearing and how they can help them. The dragonflies you've come to love have to find their way out of difficulties involving run-ins with leopard seals, killer whales, skuas, and emperor penguins. Through prayer and faith, they are rescued from many dangers and also find wisdom to know what to do to complete their mission. Each book in the series contains fascinating information about insects, wildlife, and geography, as well as a glossary in the back, all while giving hands-on spiritual encouragement and direction. Step into fun and adventure with our friends, Dora, Mike, and Lydia today as they rescue penguins! Suitable for all ages, but especially ages 6-12. Other books in the series include, How Loud Can a Dragonfly Roar? and Panda Trouble.