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HerStory - Tamekia Bynum

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HerStory is an up close look inside the lives of women, sharing their story of becoming the women God created her to be, and the unbelievable journey it took to get there. Many women are in bondage from the stories of their past--divorce, abuse, shame, self-doubt, and other life changing issues. These women share a glimpse into their lives, not afraid to share their stories with the world in hopes of restoring power back to a woman who has lost her way, or feels that she is on this journey alone. As women we understand how our words are able to spark emotions in others. Our stories have the power to inspire other to take action, the power to allow us to share our experiences and the power to change lives! All of the women you will read about have one thing in common...a journey! This is what defines us, what sets us apart, what makes us who we are!