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Heal Well - Torrona Tillman

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Many men and women are broken and wounded. They sit in the pews weekly, pray daily, serve faithfully, preach passionately, and even lead the masses to their promised land. Yet, they have not experienced true freedom in their own souls. They are functioning, but not healing. This is not God's will for his children. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Heal Well was written for those hurting people. If you are one of them, God has an astounding plan for your life. It includes a full recovery from your story - for His glory. It is time we walk out of those prison cells in faith. Take the first step of courage to face the giants of your past. Let the author, Torrona Tillman, help you move from defeat and despair into the light of victory and freedom. Abba Father wants you to heal well.