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Freedom the Anthology - Aries Winans

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When we think about freedom within the LGBTQ+ community, we often focus on all of the "good" things. We can make our own choices, be who we want, go where we want, love who we want, etc. But how is it that even after we are done doing everything that could possibly bring us pleasure, we still feel unfulfilled and empty? Still, craving more and more? Being tempted to go deeper and deeper into this never-ending cycle of pleasure-seeking only to come out more empty and emotionally drained than before?

Is it possible that everything you considered to be freedom is really the very thing that is keeping you bound? There is a God-sized void in us that only He can fill. The contributors in the book "Freedom" have all experienced this same thing. While each story is different, the outcome is the same. Where many felt there was no way out, they all found real freedom in Christ. We hope through the pages of this book, each reader would be compelled by the love of God to seek Him for their own story of freedom.