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Diary Of A Broken Praise Dancer - Aries Winans

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This book is not about exposure of a person or persons, but exposure of the enemy. There are many stories like this all over the world. Light must be shed on them so that all parties involved can be free in the name of Jesus! There is a LOT of things that go on behind closed doors in the Christian creative arts community. Sadly, a lot of it goes unspoken. People learn to suffer in silence because often times it's your work over theirs. But that is another lie from the pit of hell. If you pray and ask the Lord to be with you every step of the way, open your mouth, speak the truth only, the Lord will vindicate you. 

The Bible says that if we acknowledge Him in ALL of our ways, then He will direct our path. That "ALL" is all-inclusive. So even in situations where you have to expose yourself for the sake of being free from the snares of the enemy, acknowledge Him first! Take it to the Lord. I wouldn't advise taking it into your own hands. Seek wise counsel and take heed! In the multitude of counsel, there IS safety.