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Your cost and set-up fee depends on what package you select.


For best results your book's interior, should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and sent electronically through email or uploaded on DHP website.  However, Destiny House will accept handwritten and typed and mailed manuscripts for a additional fees.  Destiny House will convert your manuscript to PDF format which is included in your editing and format package.


If you publish your book through Destiny House you own all rights to your book. This non-exclusive agreement allows you to be open to future distribution publishing and opportunities


You can order copies of your book at rates that are reasonable. Your book packages can range from a total publishing package where we will proof read, edit, format and create cover to your liking for you.  We will submit and publish your book to  You can also a la cart items priced and ordered separately, rather than selected from a list of packages at fixed prices.


We have a variety of  self publishing services to meet all your needs.


If you desire Destiny House to used your own art work on your book cover.  You must obtain all copyright licenses for artwork used for your book.  Destiny House  nor any of our staff or contracted employees will be held responsible for any artwork that do not meet those requirements. You will be held totally accountable.


Your Embedded images should be at lease 300 DPI.

All your content must meet our guidelines.


We do offer various trim sizes; each has a minimum requirement of 40 pages. Price can vary by trim size and by page-counts and print options.





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